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Paraguay - Montoya


Title page with Jesuit symbol (1639)

Ruiz de Montoya, Antonio, 1585-1652

Conquista spiritual hecha por los religiosos de la Compañia de Iesus, en las prouincias del Paraguay, Parana, Vruguay, y Tape…(Madrid, 1639)

A highly important work on the customs, religion and society of the indigenous peoples of Paragya and Uruguay. Born in Lima, the author joined the Society of Jesus after a brief but adventurous military career. As a missionary in Paraguay, he was known as the “Apostle of Guairá” for his defense of the Indians of the Guairá region against the Brazilian slave raiders known as bandeirantes. This work is a memorial in support of his petition to the king of Spain on behalf of the Indians and Jesuit missionaries in their struggle against these marauders.

Backer-Sommervogel VII, col. 320, no. 2