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  • Collection: Legion of Young Polish Women

Lucie Bucki on the Legion's Work -
Part of an interview with Lucie Bucki recorded on October 12, 1988.

Helena Czinski on LMP - May 6,
Part of an interview with Helena Raczynski conducted on May 6, 1988.

Grasyna Cioromska discusses joining the Legion in 1954, shortly after immigrating to the United States.

Colette Siemaszko on the Legion - October 12, 1988
Interview with Colette Siemaszko, recorded on October 12, 1988.

Maria Krakowski on Medical Supplies to Poland-still.jpg
Maria Krakowski, former President and chair of the Medical Supplies to Poland committee, discusses why the donations are important and shows the supplies included in a typical package.

Lily Ann Byczkowski on Oct. 8 1939 Concert - May 6,
In this clip, recorded in 1988, charter member Lily Ann Byczkowski discusses the charity concert held by the Legion on October 8, 1939.

Lily Ann Byczkowski, Charter Member of the Legion of Young Polish Women, discusses the founding of the organization on September 2, 1939.

Stephanie Jagielski on Solidarity - May 6,
Stephanie Jagielski, President of the Legion of Young Polish Women from 1980-1982, discusses the Legion's support for the Solidarity Movement.

Emily Krakowski, 1985 squared.jpg
Photograph of Emily Krakowski from the program of the White and Red Ball 1985 when she was a debutante

Michelle Ludwig, 1987.jpg
Photograph of Michelle Ludwig from the program book for the 1987 White and Red Ball
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