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Lucie Bucki Interview

Lucie Bucki Video Still.jpg

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Lucie Bucki Interview


Part of an interview with Lucie Bucki recorded on October 12, 1988.


Legion of Young Polish Women Records


October 12, 1988

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"I am very proud to be a member of the Legion, because I can see how vital this organization is. It is amazing that our membership is only around 100 women. But I am very profoundly touched thinking about how many lives we touch yearly. When I read the correspondence from people that are writing to us, thanking us for the donations that we had made to them as an organization, I find it very difficult sometimes to to hold back my tears. And I know that one person, it's difficult for one person to touch so many lives. But it's wonderful to belong to a group of women that do devote so much time and give so much interest to so many others in the world."