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Colette Siemaszko Interview

Collette Siemaszko Video Still.jpg

Dublin Core


Colette Siemaszko Interview


Interview with Colette Siemaszko, recorded on October 12, 1988.


Legion of Young Polish Women Records


October 12, 1988

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"Don't let the accent fool you. Through my mother, I am of Polish descent. But really, I came in through the back door. Because my husband, Konstantisz Siemaszko, has been the choreographer here since 1960 and I sort of grew up with the Legion, my children grew up with the Legion. Coming to rehearsals and the, some of the social programs that you have here. So, I knew about your work, which you wouldn't expect someone like me to know. And I was really very very proud to be asked to become a member and to be on the board. And, like Lucie, we're sort of late immigrants here to this country and it's really something to find this Polish pride and an organization of women who can really help other people. And it's marvelous to work with them."