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Gorey’s pattern of work from 1963 until his death in 2000 included publishing his own books and illustrations, illustrating the works of others, mostly children’s books; designing and illustrating book jackets and covers, and providing illustrations for articles written by others in a wide range of magazines, as well as publishing some of his own work in magazines.

Throughout his career, Edward Gorey was highly productive in a variety of media and formats. The data in the following table does not include his productions and work at the Poets’ Theatre in the 1950’s or his theatre work on Cape Cod.  Puppets and dolls that he created are also not included because the number is simply unknown. Typography for Doubleday Studies published in the mid 1950s are not included but probably numbers more than fifty covers.  The estimates do not include reprints or secondary authorized re-use of his work.

 Estimates of Edward Gorey’s Productivity 1953-2000

Literary and Illustrated works authored by EG 105
Book Illustration  
Secondary collaboration with authors 80
Hard cover book jackets 106
Paperback covers 131
General book design including typography 117
Magazine and Newspaper Illustration
Number of titles to which he contributed 95
Number of contracted assignments* 244
Number of actual illustrations Unknown

 *I am assuming that the illustrations for magazines were done under an agreement or contract to deliver the illustration(s) in a timely manner for publication.   The number represents the magazine or newspaper issues with Gorey illustration in the Michalak Collection.  There are probably more.

 Estimates were derived by consultation with Andreas Brown of the Edward Gorey Charitable Trust and Edward Bradford, current bibliographer of Edward Gorey.  Henry Toledano’s Goreyography, published in 1999, and was also consulted.