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Interview with Jean Dolores Schmidt, 1998

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Interview with Jean Dolores Schmidt, 1998


Transcription: "As we got into the late ‘60s and the early ‘70s, students became restless. In ’69 when we had the strike and all that kind of thing, I never saw such networking as when Kent State occurred, that happened in the college and university campuses. It was just like overnight that this all happened. I happened to be acting dean that year. It was hard. It was hard for the students, it was hard for everybody. We had long meetings, students and faculty, where we filled Galvin Hall. People would say, ‘Well, we should strike until the end of the war.’ We wouldn’t even be here if we did that. So that didn’t happen. But we gave the faculty and students the opportunity to do what they wished. And that was a pretty big order…The faculty met with their students and came to some kind of a consensus on whether they would come to regular classes, whether they would do their readings or whatever on their own. They had to sign a contract to do this. So everybody was doing what she wanted."


Mundelein College Oral History Collection