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[May 1970]

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[May 1970]

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Transcription: "As we got into the late ‘60s and the early ‘70s, students became restless. In ’69 when we had the strike and all that kind of thing, I never saw such networking as when Kent State occurred, that happened in the college and university…

Transcription: "To make a long story short, Mundelein went on strike, we had no school. It was a beautiful sunny spring. Every night kids would stand at the corner of Sheridan at the curve holding up a big anti-Vietnam War banner that said, 'Honk…

Transcription: "It was, for me, a very exciting time. I came full-time in the fall of ’69. And that’s when there was the—in terms of the Vietnam War—that many campuses were really getting active. One of the things that was so wonderful at Mundelein,…

Transcription: "The science department refused to close school. They said, some kids were going on to med school, they’ve got to have this science. So the anti-war people went up to the sixth floor where the science department was and stood outside…
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