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Interview with Joan Frances Crowley, 1998

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Interview with Joan Frances Crowley, 1998


Transcription: "Ann Jones was Miss West Point—she lived at West Point, and her roommate Judy Whitman was dating a West Point man. What I want to bring out here is that the Vietnam War was going on, and in residence where the freshman, sophomores, juniors, seniors lived on every floor—so Judy and Ann Jones with their handsome cadets. When they came on campus I would let them change into civilian clothing in the guest room. When the Vietnam War began, the kids who were anti-war as I was, as most as our nuns were—broke the hearts of Ann and Judy. They would say, ‘How does it feel to date a killer?’ Friendships ended in the dormitories and some students were angry with me because they felt I was more friendly to the students who were anti-war—which I was."


Mundelein College Oral History Collection