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  • Collection: Mollie Lieber West

06 Mollie World Student Congress.jpg
Mollie [far left] pictured with other delegates in Moscow. The United States delegation was invited to visit the Soviet Union while they were in Europe attending the World Youth Congress in London and the World Student Congress in Czechoslovakia.

Mollie and James001.jpg
Mollie married James West in 1948.

01 MollieFamilyPoland001.jpg
Young Mollie West (nee Shieman) shown with her immediate family, Father “Harry” Shieman, Mother “Minnie” Mindel Shieman, and younger brother Louis in Poland.

03 Carl and Mollie.jpg
Photograph of Mollie shown with first husband Carl Leiber in his uniform.

Ten minute excerpt of a longer interview Mollie West gave in 1995. This section recalls her experience as a witness to the Memorial Day Massacre in Chicago in 1937, where the Chicago Police Department shot and killed ten unarmed demonstrators…

Mollie remembers the influence the Memorial Day Massacre had on her.

memorial day massacre ilhs.jpg
Police officers charge into a crowd of supporters of the Little Steel Strike in front of the the Republic Steel plant in Chicago on May 30, 1937.

04 Letter from Mollie 1943001.jpg
The correspondence from Mollie Leiber West to Carl Leiber describes the events at the Youth Communist League (YCL) convention when it disbanded. In the letter, Mollie describes the quick and dramatic dissolution of the YCL and the founding of…

Mollie June 1944 pregnancy001.jpg
In this letter from Mollie to her husband Carl Lieber, Mollie announces to Carl that she is pregnant. She also discusses the reactions of her colleagues to her decision to continue working as much as possible during her pregnancy and after having her…

Mollie Jan 23 45001.jpg
This letter from Mollie to Carl Lieber describes Mollie's return to work at the American Youth for Democracy after losing her baby and recovering from her health crisis.
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