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  • Collection: Mollie Lieber West

07 Mollie West 1954054.jpg
Photograph of a tender moment between Mollie West and her adopted son, Steven West. Steven West was born 1951 and taken in by Molle and former husband James West six weeks after his birth and later adopted by them.

08 West FBI File002.jpg
Scan of Mollie West’s FBI Case file. Parts of the report are blacked out to preserve confidentiality.

09 Mollie West 045.jpg
Photograph of Mollie West working at her desk at Commerce Clearinghouse

10 CTUPatch001.jpg
Scan of a Chicago Typographical Union (CTU) Badge. The badge depicts a Bald Eagle within a gold thread border with its wings spread. This badge is specific to the Local 16 branch of the CTU.

11 Mollie West Delegate Medal001.jpg
Medal worn by Mollie West at the 115th Annual International Typographical Union Conference in San Diego, CA. The medal details the dates of the conference as well as the year it occurred.

14 Mollie West Graduation 1978.jpg
Photograph of Mollie West receiving her diploma from Weekend College at Mundelein College Chicago. Mundelein College affiliated with Loyola University Chicago in 1991.

16 Mollie West women's hall of fame 1990.jpg
Black and White photograph of Mollie West with award showcasing her admission to the Chicago Women’s Hall of Fame.

Ten minute excerpt of a longer interview Mollie West gave in 1995. This section recalls her experience as a witness to the Memorial Day Massacre in Chicago in 1937, where the Chicago Police Department shot and killed ten unarmed demonstrators…

Mollie West John Marshall HS.jpg
Mollie stands before a group of other students at a planning meeting for the strike she helped organize at Marshall High School.

Pepsi record.JPG
A record on which Carl Lieber recorded a message for Mollie while stationed with the Army in Washington, D.C.
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