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  • Collection: Mollie Lieber West

Mollie West021.jpg
Portrait of Mollie West

Erase sexism001.jpg
This eraser has the logo for the American Federation of Teachers, a national teachers union, and the message "erase sexism."

elect women 001.jpg
Button reading "Clean up politics, elect women

French horn necklace (2).jpg
Mollie, who fell in love with the French horn in high school, often wore this necklace.

Political prisoners.jpg
A young Mollie West holds flowers and wears a pin that says 'Help Political Prisoners' with a crowd of men surrounding her. This photo was likely taken at a rally that Mollie attended with the Young Communist League or American Youth for Democracy.

Organizing AYD 1944001.jpg
Mollie West (left) while working for American Youth for Democracy meets with representatives of other youth organizations to support the reelection of President Franklin Roosevelt.
This photo appeared in "V-notes," the AYD publication, on October 8,…

West family 001.jpg
James, Mollie, and Steven West spend time as a family in the 1950s.

Mollie West circa 1940.jpg
A young Mollie West stands to speak in front of a group of young men and women.

Mollie West (left) shakes the hand of a young woman, as a young man looks on. These individuals are likely colleagues working with Mollie and the Young Communist League.

Mollie West052.jpg
Mollie West smiles at her young son, Steve West.
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