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Mourek Exhibit

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Art Young’s Cartoon Mat Service
Offset Lithograph Flyer. In this advertisement, Young touts his cartoon-making services and presents several examples of his work. He offers five cartoons every two weeks for six months for $20. These cartoons were probably pulled from his large…

It’s Hell But Here We Are Again
Young frequently designed and sent as many as 500 Christmas and New Year cards annually, and this one from 1938 features one of his many self-portraits and a reference to his several hell-themed books. As a working artist and small businessman he…

Better Jump on Charlie
Published in Der Groyser Kundes (New York), April 1, 1921, and Good Morning (New York), April 15, 1921. Ink Drawing with English text on linen covering Yiddish. This is the original drawing of one of the cartoons features in “Art Young’s Cartoon Mat…

The Blow That Almost Killed a Cartoonist
Ink drawing. This self-portrait by Young comments on his perception of himself as an outsider in his profession. In 1914, Young was nominated for membership in the National Press Club, but was rejected. In Art Young: His Life and Times, Young writes…

Ambition: In Hell as it is On Earth
Ink drawing. Published in Art Young’s Inferno: A Journey Through Hell Six Hundred Years After Dante. New York, Delphic Studios: 1934, p. 64. This is one of Young’s many cartoons that focus on the conflict between capitalist values and socialist…

The Issue that is Over and Above All Other Issues
Ink & Crayon Drawing, 14 x 20.5 in. Caption: “The issue that is over and above all other issues; but Mr. Hoover and Mr. Smith do not choose to see it.” This item shows how Young’s socialist politics informed his cartoons on current events. Private…

Is He a Vicious Animal?
Ink & crayon drawing published in The Best of Art Young. New York: The Vanguard Press, 1936, p. 55.

Caption: “Is he a vicious animal? Just you try to take his bone away.”

This is an example of one of Young’s cartoons attacking the capitalist…

Business is Business
Ink & Crayon Drawing. This is another, more elaborate, example of one of Young’s cartoons criticizing capitalist society by depicting it as a modern version of hell. In this case, “Office of Satan & Co.” forecloses on mortgages and squeezes the…

In Darkest Chicago
Ink drawing. This is an example of an early non-political cartoon by Young from the days of Chicago’s Columbian Exposition serves. Many fair visitors spent money in the "Levee," a notable vice district in Chicago, and many politicians got a cut of…

Carter Harrison Bluster
Ink drawing. Published in Chicago Inter-Ocean
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