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  • Collection: Mollie Lieber West

Mollie West 044.jpg
Mollie sits at her desk at the printing shop where she worked.

Daily Racing Form staff001.jpg
This photo of the Daily Racing Form staff was taken not long before Mollie West retired. Mollie worked at the Daily Racing Form for 14 years.

ITU Convention 1973 11-18001.jpg
These women, wearing conveniton ribbons, were some of the first members of the Coalition of Labor Union Women. Mollie West is in the center of the photo.

Mollie West064.jpg
Mollie with other members of the Coalition of Labor Union Women, likely at a convention. Many of the women are wearing "Yes ERA" and other buttons and appear to be singing.

Mollie West023.jpg
This photo of Mollie West, smiling as she exits a car, was taken while she was in Europe as a youth delegate in 1945.

Mollie West passport photo008.jpg
This portrait of Mollie was taken for her passport. Mollie was passionate about travel and visited countries all over the world.

Mollie June 1944 pregnancy001.jpg
In this letter from Mollie to her husband Carl Lieber, Mollie announces to Carl that she is pregnant. She also discusses the reactions of her colleagues to her decision to continue working as much as possible during her pregnancy and after having her…

Mollie Jan 23 45001.jpg
This letter from Mollie to Carl Lieber describes Mollie's return to work at the American Youth for Democracy after losing her baby and recovering from her health crisis.

Carl Aug 9 44 Flagship flashes001.jpg
This "Flagship Flashes" letter described the activities of soldiers as they crossed the ocean to serve in the war. The printed newsletter sent on behalf of the soldiers, took the place of letters while the servicemen could not send mail to their…

Carl August 14 44001.jpg
In this letter from Carl Lieber to his wife Mollie on August 14, 1944, Carl describes his arrival in Italy after the journey from the United States.
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