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  • Collection: Legion of Young Polish Women

Poloanise, 1967.jpg
Board members and past Legion presidents dance the Polonaise to open the 1967 White and Red Ball.

White and Red Ball Program, 1972.pdf
Program for the Legion of Young Polish Women's annual White and Red Ball in 1972.

First White & Red Ball Committee, 1941.jpg
Members of the 1941 White & Red Ball Committee

Debutantes, nd.jpg
Debutantes being presented at a White and Red Ball, date unknown.

Swietojanki, 1985 (1).jpg
Members of the Legion of Young Polish Women in traditional Polish dress at the Swietojanki festival in 1985

Swietojanki Raffle Ticket, 1993 squared.jpg
Ticket for a raffle held at the Swietojanki festival picnic in 1993.

Swietojanki Wreath Ceremony (2), nd.jpg
Young women throw wreaths, or wianki, into the water during the traditional wreath floating ceremony that ends each Swietojanki festival.

Swietojanki Selling Wreaths, 1993 squared.jpg
Anita Franuskiewicz selling wreaths she created for the Swietojanki picnic in 1993.

Swietojanki, 1985 (3).jpg
Children in traditional Polish dress dancing at the Swietojanki festival in 1985.

Swietojanki Dancers, 1976 (2).jpg
Traditional Polish dancers at the 1976 Swietojanki festival.
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