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  • Collection: Legion of Young Polish Women

Maria Ciesla - Spreading its Wings.mp3
Maria Ciesla, long-time Legion member and President from 1988-1989, discusses how the Legion has been able to "spread its wings" and become known beyond the Polish community.

Mary Sendra Anselmo - Benefits of LMP.mp3
Mary Sendra Anselmo discusses what she has gained as a member of the Legion of Young Polish Women.

Mary Sendra Anselmo - Extension of Family.mp3
Mary Sendra Anselmo talks about the Legion as an extension of family.

Mary Sendra Anselmo - Support for Women.mp3
Mary Sendra Anselmo on the Legion's support for women and women's organizations.

Mary Sendra Anselmo - Why LMP Continues.mp3
Mary Sendra Anselmo, current Legion President, discusses why she believes the Legion has survived.

Mary Sendra Anselmo, 2005.jpg
Mary Sendra Anselmo speaks about the diversity of the Legion's donations today.

Richard Oswiany - Scholarships.mp3
Richard Oswiany, a long-time friend of the Legion, discusses the Legion's support for scholarships through donations to the Chicago Intercollegiate Council and other organizations.

Richard Oswiany - Keeping Orgs Alive.mp3
In this portion of an interview conducted on July 30, 2014 Richard Oswiany, long-time friend of the Legion of Young Polish Women, discusses how importance donations from the Legion has been to keeping other Polish organizations afloat.

Richard Oswiany - Making a Difference to Many Orgs.mp3
Richard Oswiany, long-time friend of the Legion, discusses the Legion's unique support for a wide range of activities.

Ambulance Dedication Invitation, 1940.jpg
Invitation to the blessing ceremony of Polish Red Cross ambulances by Archbishop of Chicago Samuel A. Stritch at Solder Field.
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