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  • Collection: Legion of Young Polish Women

Emily Krakowski, 1985 squared.jpg
Photograph of Emily Krakowski from the program of the White and Red Ball 1985 when she was a debutante

Michelle Ludwig, 1987.jpg
Photograph of Michelle Ludwig from the program book for the 1987 White and Red Ball

Elaine Doris Poczatek, 1972.jpg
Photograph of Elaine Poczatek, a debutante in 1972, fromthe White and Red Ball program book for 1972.

Renata Bielowicz, 1994.jpg
Amanda Peckwas (1993) crowns Renata Bielowicz, the Queen of the 1994 White and Red Ball.

Amanda Peckwas, 1993 squared.jpg
Amanda Peckwas, a debutante at the 1993 White and Red Ball.

Loriann Smoron, 1991.jpg
Loriann Smoron when she was a debutante at the 1991 White and Red Ball.

White & Red Ball Crowning, 1987.jpg
Nina Siemszko (left) and another debutante stand as the 1986 Queen crowns the Queen of the 1987 White and Red Ball.

Eva Bucki, 1983.jpg
Eva Bucki when she was a debutante at the 1984 White and Red Ball.

Julie Swako, 1982.jpg
Photograph of Julie Sawko, a debutante presented in 1982, from the White and Red Ball 1982 program book.

Carol Schabelski & Christine Kolaski, 1961 square.jpg
Carol Schabelski (left) and Christine Kolaski (right) at a Debutante Tea in 1960. Carol and Christine were presented at the Legion of Young Polish Women's White and Red Ball in 1961.
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