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  • Collection: Legion of Young Polish Women

Emily Rafalik - Modest & Genuine Org.mp3
Emily Rafalik, a young member of the Legion, explains the Legion and it's importance.

Emily Rafalik - Lessons.mp3
Emily Rafalik, a 2014 debutante, discusses what she has learned from being a member of the Legion.

Emily Rafalik discusses why she believes the Legion has stayed strong for 75 years.

Kathy Lesny - Being a Debutante.mp3
In an interview conducted on July 24, 2014 Kathy Lesny, a debutante presented at the 2006 White and Red Ball, speaks about her debutante experience.

Kathy Lesny - Women Empowering Women.mp3
Kathy Lesny discusses the Legion of Young Polish Women as a women's organization.

Lara Boris, 1985.jpg
Lara Boris Kuechel, a debutante presented at the 1985 White and Red Ball, talks about the importance of her debutante experience.

Lara Kuechel - Never Lose It.mp3
Lara Kuechel discusses that though in recent years she has had to step back from her activity with the Legion, she would never want to entirely lose her involvement in the organization.

Lara Kuechel - Foundation of Legion.mp3
Lara Kuechel discusses the foundation of the Legion and how staying true to that mission has kept the organization going for 75 years.

Lucille Gutowski - Resolving Conflict.mp3
Lucille Gutowski, Legion President from 2006-2008, on how the Legion has been able to resolve conflict in order to continue to thrive.

Maria Ciesla - Post-war Donations.mp3
Maria Ciesla, a member of the Legion since the 1960s and President from 1988-1989, discusses the expansion of the Legion's donation efforts after WWII.
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