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  • Collection: 'We started in '68'

Transcription: "It was announced to the student body that some of their activity fee would go to help pay for the bus going to Selma. A group of anti-black, against the black movement, threatened to throw themselves across the parking place so the…

Transcription: "I had always assigned African American kids with white kids. I just took it for granted; and they had friendship, etc. When Martin Luther King was shot the black students from Coffey Hall disappeared over into Northland with black…

Transcription: "As we got more minority students, we began to change. We had our own problems on campus in 1975, ’76, when sort of the ‘black revolution’ took place. I was part of it. We had a woman, we’re good friends today, was director of the…

Mundelein Skyscraper003.jpg
Mundelein College, Chicago. Dr. Chas. Abildgaard, Mrs. Milton Mozen, Mr. Joseph Scheidler, Sr. Mary Georgia, BVM, Sr. M. Ignatia Griffin, BVM, Sr. M. Sharon Rose, BVM, Sr. M. Donatus, BVM, Rev. James H. Mullaley.
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